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Most successful creatives in the industry sacrifice their wellbeing and their relationships to have and maintain their extraordinary performance. They depend on a team around them and spend years in therapy to be able to deliver at their highest level. 

BUT... what they don’t know is that their identity and happiness doesn’t have to be tied up with their high performing persona. Their talent, outstanding skills and readiness to do deep work on themselves is a great foundation and opportunity to expand the way they express themselves, work, create, produce and make a significant impact, without always being alert or suffering with performance anxiety.


There is success without stress.

Deep Healing Quest is my 3-month program that allows you to tap into your potential and unblock the hidden parts of you that are powerful, exciting, confident and fresh. You can develop an unshakable emotional strength and faith in yourself and your creative process. Create a deep alignment with everything you ever wanted to do and to be, but felt it would take so much more stress and put you under even more pressure. 

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Lira Kay is a world leading expert in innovative therapy, high performance and transformational work. She's a Founder of School Of Inspired Life - a professional skills training center for advanced psychotherapists and executive coaches. 

As well as working with companies and organizations, and mentoring and teaching students, she takes three private clients per year on the transformational journey with her.

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