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Stop Objections and Attract the Right Prospects...


Just Like In Dating

Masterclass with Lira Kay

Your Assignments:

  • Customize Your Marketing Plan to ONLY Attract the Right Prospects

  • Identify the Mindset Tweak You Have Make to Never Have Objections on Your Sales Call Ever Again

if you are interested to work with Lira inside her Founders Lounge Mastermind click the button bellow! 


"Lira Kay truly is phenomenal. Before I stared working with Lira my business was a side hustle, I only had a few clients, but was working long hours and undercharging for all the work I had done. As an introvert, finding and talking to new people was challenging and charging for my value was more so. Lira showed and taught me how to work and share my skills and strengths to the right audience. By doing this my leads grew and now the clients I attract and work with are who I really want to be working with, and can compensate me for my dedicated hard work. I was able to leave my fulltime job a few months after Lira and I started working together, so now I am able to commit fully to my passion and have doubled my income. "

Edie Mustard, CEO, 

Mustard Splatter Design, 



"Lira Kay is absolutely a phenomenal Life & Business Coach. Both her depth, consistency, engagement, killer psychotherapeutic and coaching skills and her talent to truly convey and transmit knowledge and savoir-faire are priceless. I love the fact that Lira has lived on all continents, speaks multiple languages, is a trained psychotherapist and on top raised 5 kids, created a strong and happy marriage and literally is living the life of her dreams She walks her talk, she knows her stuff like no other and is inspiring and transforming others wherever she goes. I highly highly recommend Lira! Thank you Lira for all that you are sharing, giving and teaching us!"

Alexandra Indaco-Heredia,

an award winning documentary maker/producer, yoga teacher, diversity consultant and the founder of SISTER STORY and A Good Enough Coach

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