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Brand Uplevel Retreat, June 18-21, 2020

House on Top of the Hill with Magnificent Birds Eye View….

  • Time to step up and become highly visible to your audience. They've been waiting forever.

  • Time to see yourself clearly and allow yourself to play fully in and above your self-proclaimed limitations.

  • Time to share your skills and your heart and position yourself as a global leader and never look back.

Day 1 & a Month Prior to the Retreat

You will have four weekly trainings on advanced copy writing and branding, where we will create highly converting outlines and perfect scripts for your evergreen marketing videos and social media posts...


You will have my full support and expertise, so you would be 100% camera ready for the event. 


Just so you know, I had been creating and exhibiting my video art world-wide and had curated hundreds of artists internationally to show off their work and launch their global presence.


I also had worked for the TV company in Estonia, and led and directed a twice-my-age crew of videographers and photographers to shoot the best featured pieces and then did the sound and editing work in the professional studio in my early twenties. 


On the day of your arrival you will already know what to do and how to do it: by sunset you would have published a professional expert interview and had told your story in the most beautiful setting. Think luxurious house with the view, the rocky beach, lushes pines and rustic secret gems of a truly Californian scenery. 



Expert Interview on Your Terms


Powerful Inspirational Story

Day 2 Is All About Profound Healing

- Think Drama Therapy meets Evolutionary Astrology..

- The Ancient Samurai Practice to wash off the sorrows of your Dark Lilith..

- So the World-Class Healer &

Your 7-Figure Business Queen steps in. 

I had done healing work for 30 years now.


It is not conventional in any shape or form..


You will do things you had never done before, no matter how much coaching or therapy you paid for in the past..


Expect to be held and seen in your vulnerability as well as in your power. May I say: it is more vulnerable to stand in your full bliss and glory that tell your soapy rags to riches tale. 

I know how to get you feel comfortable with being on the spot light:

Yes, we might have to cry it out together, and take off the vail, and get a reality check, all, to realize your true potential here and now..

But what awaits is bigger than you and is absolutely worth it!

And you’ve done enough work to know that if you don’t do this profound healing now, you WILL end up sabotaging yourself where it hurts the most.


We acknowledge and celebrate you, and how far you'd come.

And then...

We'll challenge you to set your spirit free.


I have my methods...

... Responsible for launching high flying influencers and saving lives of insanely talented creatives. 

How do you stand in your power, solid, grounded, fully trusting your heart?

How do you master your mind and get it to cooperate and reveal the pearls of wisdom gathered on your everlasting spiritual quest to be of service?

You'll have your answers.

Day 3, Part 1, Take Your Rightful Space in the Industry

If you want to impact millions and play at the highest level, you can’t waste your precious energy and get caught up in doing all the small things.


This is your time for a superstar treatment.


Yes, it's your fancy photoshoot and a video recording day.

We rise early for a professional make-up and hair do.

We start shooting at 9 am. 

Yes, fully prepped and fully equipped for world domination. 


But let’s take a look at what's important and therefor will get done:

  • Your marketing images for 2 years ahead. 

  • Your evergreen marketing video. Yes, the one responsible for scaling your business. 

  • A powerful teaching series for your Webinar and a Lead Magnet Funnel.

  • A professionally filmed testimonial that sells you as an expert.

  • You can hire an editing team or play with the footage yourself and make endless marketing masterpieces, as you please.

Day 3, Part 2, From Self Made to High End

Let's honor both...


As you had experienced a professional and highly creative branding work done on you and for you, consider yourself a ninja of high end visibility! 

But what you'll learn next will set you for life!

You wanted impact and influence to be your day job?

You dreamed of monetizing your brilliance as you sleep?

Here it is: a chance to make a real difference in other people's lives and all from the comfort of your home...


- For years to come. 

All of that, with using the secret weapon of selfies.


BTW... the image on the right is a 100% selfie... it landed me a place in the prestiges contemporary video art collection, among the giants of video art, such as Marina Abramovich and Guerrilla Girls. This is why among other amazing and memorable stages I had been on, I also have NYC Museum of Fashion and Goldsmith Art Institute in London on my resume.


I am soooo thrilled for your clients. Imagine how you can help them now to overcome blocks and fears and gain instant confidence, as you yourself became a true superstar. You can not fake charisma. Whatever you do from now on is a pure gold.. literary - this energy sells like nobody's business!


Day 3, Part 2, is all about leveraging Social Media. We will upgrade your personal brand and business pages. 

No we won't just talk about it.. We will actually do it! So make sure to bring your laptop and a phone with you, all, ready for action. 


Whatever you heard about Linkedin or FB groups... you'll have a totally new perspective. Let set you free of inhibitions and get you stand among experts that charge 20X of what an average Joe out there makes with their salesy stiff personal profiles and the 80-s-inspired marketing banners.

Really let's step into the Era of Aquarius.

Think global, intelligent, sustainable marketing.

Think systems, automation and scaling. 

What about sleeping arrangements and food?

Gosh! That would be my number one question…. I'm such a foodie and just love having my space how I like it. So let me explain the master plan. Will it come true 100%... I truly don't know.


Let's allow some improvisation... One thing I can guarantee, I hate being hungry or unhealthy. So that will never happen!

So far I'm thinking ordering food in, Uber-Eats, local goodies brought to the house,

and ta-daa ...dinners out in the area.

Mind you, we are staying in the San Francisco finest gourmet corner of the world. 

Meals are included in the cost of your ticket.

Drinks and dancing in the city is on you, if you decide to walk on the wild side this weekend.


Sleeping arrangements. Here is how it works:

We have 6 beds in the house. Shared bedrooms, beds, floor mattresses and sleeper-sofas.

As people reserve they will have first choice of a room and a bed.

This shared accommodations are really a bonus for the early bird reservations.


Beyond that, feel free to find a great airbnb or hotel nearby (not included in the cost of your ticket).


You can still hang out in the house from dawn to dusk and way later, enjoy the hot-tub and proximity to the beach... and most of all, the company of passionate like-minded women ready to step up and high on their own genius energy and love for one another.


Plenty of space for encouragement, positive feedback, gentle but liberating truth, masterminding, brainstorming, collaborations, emotional and moral support, kindness and compassion.


True friendships and partnerships are being born. Of course! 

Reflection and alone time:

It wouldn't be a retreat without re-connecting with yourself, discovering your new edge, by quietly letting go of all that forces you to hide away from the work you are meant to do for humanity

Our working schedule is high impact high value, so it's not about me 'preaching' or teaching curriculum or steps. The business sessions meant to awake your own marketing genie and let you play full speed on. Healing sessions are, I dare to say, fun, as well as totally zen. 

Yes, we might shed a tear or two, but by definition, this retreat is about Awakening, Upgrading, Uplifting yourself and your peers. You must agree to be part of a group and act with compassion and kindness at all times. We will rely on each other to hold us accountable to our great selves. We will collaborate. We will share. We will unite to co-create enchanted magical results. Together. As a team. 


Then you are experimenting on your own. Self expression and creative flow is highly encouraged. You will be doing some assignments privately without interference.

You'll have plenty of time to enjoy your lunch, a walk on the beach, do some journaling and strategizing in the garden or under the starry sky.


I personally love my early morning tea, meditation and some light stretching outside.

... and... don't judge me.. I'm pretty sure, I'll be taking a nap after lunch.. :)


You'll have 3 hours between the sessions to do as you wish, and , I know, you will!  

If you are ready to join us and make your 2020 a truly remarkable year, here is what to do next:

Fill out the application form bellow or click a button at the end and request an Admissions Interview to assure you are a great fit for this program.

As you sign the contract that assures confidentiality, accountability and collaboration, you will receive an access to your online trainings and resources to prep you for the retreat.

You will join our weekly sessions a month prior the event. Starting May 29, 2020, 10 am PDT. All calls are recorded for your convenience. I will answer all of  your questions related to copy writing, photo and video shoots, styling and outfits. You will practice and get detailed feedback and encouragement to step up in everything that you do. Your marketing will reflect your willingness to grow and express your higher self. 

You will have templates and props to ensure a smooth video production on site. 




Then I would love to guide you and support you in getting your big vision for your global brand manifested into reality.

Fill out the short form below to apply for a personal call with me and we’ll find out whether this collaboration intensive is right for you:

Thanks for submitting!


Honored to be on your side in such an important moment of your life. The best decision you ever made! 

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