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Private Deep Healing Quest

with Lira Kay, an international artist, futurist and celebrity guide. 


Lira has been called a secret weapon behind the sanity and phenomenal success of prominent social and creative enterprises and their CEOs.

For the past 30 years she led global public projects and had mentored and trained the professional and spiritual elite around the globe, while brining up 5 daughters, traveling the world and running a business. 

Her latest body of work addresses the post-pandemic corporate and social dynamics and offers radical solutions to uplift moral and increase performance and productivity fast.

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At our Quest, we play with some of the most exciting creative professionals on the planet. They have undeniable charisma and influence and are well known and respected in their niche. We use a Deep Healing Method to uncover their next level impact without sacrificing what matters the most, the mental wellbeing, physical health and your closest relationships - these suffer the first when you must produce your best work.

Typical therapists or coaches use the ordinary mainstream methods and steps to navigate emotional issues, teach emotional intelligence or help their clients to overcome an upcoming personal crisis. But you are not ordinary.

In my experience, this is waisting so much time, blocking so many opportunities and leaving millions on the table. Healing doesn’t have to mean hours in the therapies office, talking about your feelings. It is about building upon your legacy but playing by your own rules.

The Deep Healing Quest is about discovering your potential, even after most would imagine they had achieved everything and beyond. It’s about normalizing and embodying the sane, rational, powerful, confident self.

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