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Lira Kay is an internationally exhibiting award-winning multi-disciplinary artist focusing her work on exploring an Artist's Archetype, the creative process, and artist's relationship to the audience and the source of creativity, God.


Her paintings, drawings and films belong to many prestigious corporate and private collections.

art resume
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Lira Kay's Creative Manifesto



I see into the future and I see peace. 

We are the ones who create it.

We never stopped.


We felt abandoned and unappreciated, we were exiled and humiliated, we failed at seeking the approval of the crazy world of chaos and disharmony, where abuse is normalized and pain is an everyday experience for any man, woman or a child. We didn’t belong.


We saw people live with the burden of their upbringing, struggling to overcome their circumstances, fighting for their place under the sun. It was never enough, on the outside as well as on the inside. Total lack of faith and confidence in ourselves. 


We changed all that.


With bringing art, a discipline of self expression and love, to the status of healer of our humanity and savior of our planet. 


In my vision we understood the connection between internalized “parent’ and a God who’s in charge of our wellbeing and happiness.


Nothing can happen from a place of fear for your life and a loss of companionship. Nothing but the cycle of pain continuing to affect our children and the children yet to come. 


We must change that and we must do it now if we truly want that bright future.

If we truly want to see peace on our planet. 

If we truly want to thrive as humans and as the spirits. 


Humanity can be restored through loving yourself and loving your life and purpose unconditionally.


The science of creativity gives us a direct access  to the hearts and minds of the individuals


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The Dark as much the Light are apart of the internal alchemy that either creates peace or destroys lives. 

Creativity is a healthy outlet for every human to play out the battle between conflicting agendas and drives, and we can use creative process to arrive to the peace we seek for each of us and for the collective. 

Blindly attacking or ‘fixing’ problems can look like an internal conflict being spilled over the top, driving people to judge and guilt-trip one another, projecting their darker shadow elements onto each other. Blaming and shaming becomes normalized and no one feels empowered to do any better. Blame transfers responsibility and shame prevents us from being capable. It doesn’t help!


Shadow work through a personal journey of self acceptance, aka therapy, can make a huge difference. Facing oneself without hostility, treating oneself without hatred, loving oneself without harming makes our world a better place. 


Undoubtedly, we are responsible for bringing healing into a picture for every child, every parent, every educator, every leader on the planet. No one needs to play out their insecurities on others. We can not afford more chaos. We can not allow more abuse. 


We must stand in our power that heals, that inspires, and that leads. Us, the healers, creators and artists must lead by example. We must stand together. We must take our work to people. We must act with urgency. 



We must prevail. 

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Video Art - Selected Projects

’See You Tomorrow’ 2010, is a video and sound installation, and is a study of my artistic experience. I look at the artistic process as jumping from one reality to another.

The film was inspired by Mongolian, Buriatian shamanic chanting. 
I have worked with sound before in short films ‘Bring me a Baby” and in “Monday Dream” but this time I wanted sound to be a main part of the installation with image only supporting the idea. I just given birth to my fifth daughter and I used the sounds of my children playing for the base of my soundtrack.

Why Buriatian and why shamanic? Well, my ancestors on my mothers side are from Siberia and they do practice shamanic rituals to these days. Buriatians are known for practicing a rare combination of Lamaism, Buddhism and shamanism. It is a fascinating mixture of believes that I would like to investigate and explore..

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Exploration of the Artist Archetype - Performance of an artist is elevating you to the higher grounds. Lira Kay is speaking an invented language to represent the mother-like feminine voice of your Anima - your soul. 

This video and sound piece was based on the dream - seeing the old photographs and noticing the resemblance between the artist and her ancestors. The life-line continues through space and time. 

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Curating International Art Exhibitions - Marseille Project Gallery

Artists' Portraits was an international exhibition curated by Lira Kay and her husband Daniel Kanaan. Within a 6 months 67 artist from around the world were invited to produce a self-portrait and an Artist Statement for the show. 


A decade later Lira had produced a system of Alpha Shadow Archetypes and a series of workshops devoted to the Artist Archetype. You can watch the playlist of the workshops here >>

Futureproof was a project inspired by Lira Kay's visionary dreams and the recent ongoing speculations about the 'end of the world coming in 2012, spread by the media and Hollywood. Lira Kay had collaborated with hundreds of artists and several international curators to bring the 'feel for the future' as the artist see it. 

In 2022 Lira had started a project Meaningful Trends brining a new hopeful vision for the future and interviewing many celebrity futurists and future-oriented industry experts worldwide. Watch the MT interview here >>

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Selected Visual Art Projects


"I have been a painter for the most of my life, and at some point I felt that I need to give a time line to my images, let them live, develop and transform. And a process to be seen.

As an abstract painter I would go through a series of performances that would translate my ’near-feelings’ into something much more substantial - a painting. On the canvas it would manifest itself with the layers of drawing and paint, composition switching and being lost and found again, color messed up with and then purified, idea becoming clearer or leading to a new concept.."

Read the full interview here >>

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Recent Art Performance
and Studio Work

Behind the scenes of making art happen - the relationship between Self, Art and Audience - Balance of Truth and Obedience.

Watch Lira Kay's message to creatives "Creative Genius & Isolation and Compromise" here >>

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Contact Lira Kay for interviews, speaking or commissioning or purchasing art here.

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